It’s About Time

We invite you to a familiar suburban neighborhood, where the lawns are manicured, the mall is open, and there’s something ticking in the basement…. It’s About Time is written and produced by Chuck Wills, with cast members: Tom Preston as Tom Hondo Thompson as Hondo Chuck Wills as Chuck (c) Copyright 2023

The Devil’s In The Details Ep1

“Trick or Treat…” How far are you willing to take it? In this story, what starts as Halloween fun and the ring of a doorbell ends up in an abandoned mall… or… is it? We hope you enjoy Episode 1 of our original radio play “The Devil Is In The Details”, with Pappy Hondo, Tom […]

Tourist Leather

A “skeleton crew” of the Firehouse Follies perform a new radio theater piece called “Tourist Leather”, written by Tom Trent. The cast includes Tom Trent, Hondo Thompson, Becky Stapf, Suzette Weakley, and sound effects from Chuck Wills.

The Waterspout

The Waterspout is an original radio theater piece written by Suzette Weakley and performed by The Unusual Suspects radio acting troupe, with Hondo Thompson, Scrapper Blackwell, Becky Stapf, and Suzette Weakley, with sound effects and engineering by Chuck Wills.


Debbie Bowden reads her original science fiction story “Slugs”

The Swamp Witch

Hondo Thompson tells the story of The Swamp Witch

Southern Gothic

A “skeleton crew” of the Firehouse Follies perform a new radio theater piece called “Southern Gothic”.

What’s He Building In There?

Performed by Hondo Thompson with sound effects by Chuck Wills

My Old Guitar

This old guitar is a 1963 Harmony Holywood that my Dad purchased when it was nearly new. He took it to Southern California when he went to photography school and later it followed me back to the west coast and eventually into the recording studio. This is my old guitar…

Night Before Christmas

A not-so-traditional reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas, by Hondo and Jackie. Engineering and audio by Chuck Wills. Enjoy the video posted above, or download the audio here.


Chuck and Sasquatch try out a call-in radio show in June 2020. Written, edited, and call-in voices by Chuck, Sasquatch performed by Jim Lemon.

Sasquatch Interview

Chuck interviews Sasquatch in early 2020

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