Chuck Wills – Solo Acoustic

Chuck Wills performs his original acoustic songs, and often hosts Cari Ray’s “For A Song” Singer songwriter nights. Chuck’s original music is a combination of Americana, fingerstyle guitar, with heavy influence from his musical heroes David Gilmore and Ryan Adams. Equally comfortable on steel string and nylon string classical, Chuck can often be found playing his National resonator or Supro lap steel.

Along with a collection of originals, Chuck’s solo repertoire covers a range from Neil Young and Bob Dylan, to Pink Floyd, Lyle Lovett, and Britney Spears.

FCR – Acoustic Trio

FCR is Frank Jones, Chuck Wills, and Rick Clayton, bringing 3-part harmonies and tight vocal arrangements of your favorite classic bands from the 50’s through 80’s. FCR performs 3-hour tribute shows of:

  • Bob Dylan
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  • The Beatles
  • Woodstock
  • Progressive rock of the 70’s

Helplessly Hoping

Find The Cost Of Freedom / Ohio

Come Together

CoPilots – Acoustic Duo/Full Band

CoPilots is Chuck Wills and Braeden Brown. Often performing as an acoustic duo, or a 4-piece electric band. Their repertoire of Classic and Americana music focuses on tight vocal harmonies and interweaving guitar parts. Their sets often include their own arrangements of the following:

  • Original music by Chuck Wills
  • Americana including John Prine
  • Classic Rock including CSNY, The Allman Brothers
  • Blues, including Chicago blues, Delta blues, Texas blues

Can’t Find My Way Home

Made Up Mind

Billie Jean

The Acre Brothers

The Acre Brothers is a 5 piece rock band, performing classic and original music ranging from the 60’s through the 90’s. Dual lead guitar, dual lead vocals, keyboards and sax.

Two studio albums:

  • So Many Roads
  • Brothers & Sisters

Featured Act:

  • Square Roots Festival (Chicago)
  • Brown County Music Center (Opening Show)

Music Styles:

  • Original music by Nathan Dillon
  • Classic Rock
  • Chicago Blues
  • Surf Rock
  • Classic Country

Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs

Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs is an acoustic/electric Americana duo/trio. Chuck Wills plays lead guitar, mandolin, and harmonica when they perform as a trio. Chuck has been a musical collaborator since 2012 and has performed on Cari’s recording projects, including:

Studio albums:

  • Swagger
  • Bad & Better Angels

Featured Act:

  • Tonic Ball (4 years)
  • WeberFest (opened for Mini Kiss)
  • 8 Seconds Saloon (opened for Terri Clark)
  • Cash Bash
  • WarmFest

Music Styles:

  • Original music by Cari Ray
  • Country Blues
  • Americana
  • Classic Country

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