FCR – Acoustic Trio

New and BC Songs to consider:

Dust My Broom
July (instrumental)
Frankenstein Pockets
Down Home Folks
Indiana Song
Highway 45 (Dave Sisson)
When the Sky Won’t Rain


Down Home Folks

When The Sky Won’t Rain

Frankenstein Pockets

Indiana – Bill Wilson

Highway 45

FCR – Acoustic Trio

FCR is Frank Jones, Chuck Wills, and Rick Clayton, bringing 3-part harmonies and tight vocal arrangements of your favorite classic bands from the 50’s through 80’s. FCR performs 3-hour tribute shows of:

  • Bob Dylan
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  • The Beatles
  • Woodstock
  • Progressive rock of the 70’s

Helplessly Hoping

Find The Cost Of Freedom / Ohio

Come Together

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