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My name is Tom, and this is my true ghost story:

I never paid much mind to it. Since I moved in a couple years ago, sometimes my dog would bark at the door of my spare bedroom. Growl a little bit. I figured he was just getting a little old and weird like the rest of us. Sometimes I’d walk into the kitchen and feel like something was watching me from down the hall. But that’s probably from watching too much “Creature Feature” on TV at night, right?

It all changed, though, when my grandson came to visit. He was a youngster, about two and a half, and he came to stay for a week. I set him up in the guest bedroom, and his mother left one of those video monitors so I could check in on him while he was sleeping. He and I were having a great visit, doing the kinds of things grandpa’s do with grandsons, fishing and catching toads and whatnot.

The first night I tucked him in to bed, made sure the video monitor was on, and settled in for the night. Something made me stir in my sleep at exactly 3am. In fact, I sat bolt upright in bed like I’d grabbed hold of a bare electric wire. I looked over at the video monitor, and there was the boy up out of bed, staring directly into the camera. I jumped up and went to his room to make sure he was ok, and there he was tucked in sound asleep. There’s no way he could have gotten back in bed in the 5 seconds it took me to get to his room.

Then it started to register with me… the boy in the camera was about the right age, but he had light curly hair and light eyes. My grandson has dark straight hair and dark eyes. That was NOT my boy in the camera!

I spent the rest of the night up, drinking coffee and worrying about what to do. I guess my crazy old dog was right to growl at that door. Needless to say, for the rest of his stay I told the boy “bub, you are sleeping in grandpa’s room”.

That’s my true ghost story

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